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Puzzle Master offers large assortment of wire, metal and plastic puzzles, brain teasers, jigsaws, puzzle rings, trick locks, boomerangs, chess sets, etc.

Hello and welcome to our website! We decided to create it as our work needs a lot of brainwork and we like to "click" something from time to time. Thus we decided that having our own game portal with a huge games directory is a great idea. And now we can enjoy playing online games on this website and bring a smile to you and other Internet users!

But there's a tiny bad news: we couldn't find a database with online html5 strategy games. Whatever :) we don't play online strategy games as this takes too much time. But we'll add some (or hundreds and even thousands once we find a proper html5 games collection). So if you're willing to play free strategy games, or would like us to add some new game categories – please drop us a line and we'll try to fix this misunderstanding ASAP. 

As of today, we have 29k games in 9 categories: arcade, action, racing, shooting, fighting, sports, multiplayer, and, of course, puzzle ones. And don't forget to use the top menu buttons to play the best, freshest and most featured online games. In case you add our website to your browser's cookies whitelist (i.e. if you use GoLogin Browser it can be done with a few clicks as well as in Chrome), our online games website will store the data about what games you played earlier and you will be able to play your favourite puzzle game (and many others) after you follow to the Played section of the top menu – no need to use search button).

This is all about us for now. If you'd like to discover our Agency and all the projects we run – kindly follow the yellow link named Business Booster Agency. There you will find a page with the list of all our projects (i.e. Domainator, a very featured Free URL Shortener website and many-many more that are combined in Free Tools Network).

Wish you nice gameplay!

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